Assisted Living in Lockhart, Texas

1017 Bois D'Arc Assisted Living in Lockhart, Texas  Minutes from San Marcos and Austin

1017boisdearc_sm- over This beautifully renovated Arts and Crafts style house, set well back from the road at 1017 Bois D'Arc is the newest addition to the Assisted Residential Retirement family.

This assisted living residence is located in the warm and friendly community of Lockhart, Texas, just 20 minutes outside of San Marcos, Texas. And, the vibrant city of Austin is just a short 35 minute trip away! Located in an established residential area, our latest home has been completely updated, and is close to historic downtown and professional areas. Beautiful landscaping and a shaded, private deck add to the serene and comfortable ambiance.

1017 Bois D'Arc - Lockhart, Texas

Facility ID#: 103391
Tel: (512) 960-2325
Manager: Carol Denny
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Tel: (210) 826-8548
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