Assisted living in Gonzales, Texas

Assisted Living in the Hill Country of Texas, just east of San Antonio

Take a glimpse of day-to-day life at 210 Qualls (The Romberg House) in historic Gonzales. Residents at The Romberg House enjoy socializing in the well-appointed living area or in the spacious den. Often in the den there is a board game or card game being played, or a movie or news show on the television, while the peaceful living room area features a lovely fireplace and comfortable couches and easy chairs.

Dining takes place in a family style dining room, with many large windows looking out to the landscaped grounds. The dining area is adjacent to the immaculate kitchen facilities, where 3 balanced meals a day are prepared and served, with some residents assisting in mealtime activities

Of course, each resident has their own private living apartment, which they can furnish as they wish with their personal belongings. With planned activities and individual assistance as needed, residents at The Romberg House enjoy the pleasures of maintaining their independence while receiving the assistance they might need with day to day tasks.

210 Qualls - Gonzales, Texas

Facility ID#: 030010
Tel: (210) 944-8400
Manager: Sarah Rivera
Meet the manager, Sarah Rivera

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Tel: (210) 944-8400
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