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Assisted Retirement Residences in Beeville, Gonzales, Kerrville and Uvalde

Our History

After negative experiences with his uncle and grandmother highlighted flaws in the assisted living industry, JB Gouger was determined to develop a living alternative for the elderly that is dedicated to their personal care without robbing them of their independence and life savings.

With the strong belief that people shouldn’t have to lose the comforts and self-sufficiency of home to get the personal care they need for their health and safety, JB earned a Master’s degree in Gerontology and opened the first Assisted Residential Retirement of Texas residence in 1994.

Now with four residences in Beeville, Gonzales, Kerrville and Uvalde, our mission is to create an affordable, home-like environment with a small number of residents and friendly caregivers that have the time and attention to devote to everyone.

Assisted Retirement In South Central Texas

South Texas, with its sunny skies, economical cost of living, and rich heritage, offers many advantages in lifestyle, ranging from year-round sunny skies to ample top-notch medical facilities and care to choose from. The south-central region of Texas, with its vast ranchlands, agricultural community, and quaint towns throughout the area, offer a stable and comfortable, yet relaxed pace of life for today’s retiree. A much slower, gentler pace of life is found in communities such as Beeville, within short commutes to the bustling city of San Antonio and the coastal city of Corpus Christi.

Small town values and lifestyle make for pleasant, well kept communities. Many folks have chosen to move outside of the larger cities to raise their families, and this trend over the past years has brought growth to almost all of these formerly sleepy little towns. New neighborhoods, as well as local shopping, medical care, libraries, cultural events, dining, and much more are now available almost everywhere.

Many of these small towns have become popular retirement destinations, with thriving communities of lively and active retirees. We have Assisted Residential Retirement homes in Beeville, Gonzales, Kerrville and Uvalde, catering to the needs of families with older family members reaching the time in their lives when they are needing assistance with their day to day lives as well as retirees ready for the next  step in retirement living. Our residences offer the assistance and care needed while maintaining independence, privacy and dignity.

You or a family member may be wondering if assisted living is the right step. Find out more about choosing Assisted Residential Retirement.

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