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Assisted Retirement Residences in Beeville, Gonzales, Kerrville and Uvalde

Why Choose Assisted Residential Retirement?

Making the decision to move out of your own home and into the care of another can be an emotional process. However, you don’t have to lose the comforts and self-sufficiency of home to get the personal care you need for your health and safety if you look for an environment that feels like home, with caregivers that feel like family. At each of our four South Texas residences, our mission is to create an affordable, home-like environment with a small number of residents and friendly caregivers that have the time and attention to devote to everyone.

What makes us unique?

  • Home-Like, Residential Atmosphere Situated in family-oriented neighborhoods, our residences are beautiful, spacious houses with a maximum capacity of 16 people. Our caregivers and residents quickly develop into a large family, and the home welcomes visitors with a warm and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Affordable, All-Inclusive Living You have worked most of your life, so your savings should be used to enjoy it. We use a no add-on, flat-rate model that saves our residents an average of 20% or more on total living costs by including meals, laundry, housekeeping and more. 
  • A Close Family of Caregivers Our limited capacity allows us to dedicate more time and attention to every resident. We provide high quality, person centered care 24-hours a day.  We are dedicated to the well-being of every resident. 

What makes us special

Reliable personal Care

Reliable personal care

What makes the Assisted Residential Retirement of Texas difference is our close
family of caregivers. Each of our communities offers a maximum capacity of 16
suites allowing our caregivers the opportunity to personally know each resident.
Our time is dedicated to the daily needs of residents as we focus on providing a
higher level of person-centered care and customer service.

on sofa

Secure and Private

As a residential community, our homes are staffed 24 hours a day with qualified, trained caregivers. Each home provides common spaces for residents to socialize as well as individual suites equipped with private bathrooms. An interior courtyard or backyard gardens allow residents to enjoy the outdoors in a safe setting.

Affordable Hidden Cost

Affordable with
no hidden cost

As many seniors are on a fixed budget, it’s reassuring to know that we make retirement affordable. Unlike other assisted living communities, we do not charge for ancillary services. We provide assistance with activities of daily living, transportation, meals, housekeeping and more at an inclusive flat rate monthly fee saving our residents 20% or more per month.

Community and
social opportunities

Retirement does not mean seniors cease to enjoy their hobbies and activities. We provide ample opportunity for residents to continue their varied interests while aiding them in new activities and programming promoting better health and enhancing socialization.

home like environment

Intimate Home-Like

It is our goal to support the independence and enhance the quality of life of every resident. As such, each of our communities offers a maximum of 16 suites and shared living and dining rooms just like home situated in family-oriented neighborhoods. Our residents are free to come and go as they please while receiving the 24-hour caregiver support they need when they need it.

family peace of mind

family peace of mind

We deeply value the relationships our residents have with their primary caregivers. It is our goal to honor and support these key relationships, not to replace them. As such, we strive to demonstrate the same personal attention, love and care that family members continue to provide residents even while they reside with us. Knowing their aging loved one is cared for in a safe, secure and nurturing atmosphere gives our families peace of mind.

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