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Assisted Retirement Residences in Beeville, Gonzales, Kerrville and Uvalde

Decorating your new space in your assisted living home

A new twist in interior decorating – decorating for seniors! With the aging population growing, there’s not only a need for effective, versatile decor in assisted living communities. There’s also a fairly large retired population who can enjoy the daily functionality and atmosphere more than most. Functional, safe, relaxing and easy; these are a few ideas that come to mind when considering an assisted living environment for yourself or loved one. In Lockhart, Texas we can help provide just that. Today there’s no need to move into a dreary, undecorated senior living environment. No one knows a loved one better than you. Make sure you have them provide their favorite belongings, but remember the space is most likely a lot smaller than the homes and spaces that they are moving from. Try to recreate the feel of what they enjoy with their family pictures, decor and books and remember to avoid excess items and clutter. Think about giving items to friends or family and donating items that are not needed anymore. Make sure you’re aware of the new space. If a smaller piece of furniture such as a comfy chair fits better than an entire sofa and loveseat set, improvise. But also keep in mind what is most comfortable for your loved one to access and get in and out of. Simplicity is key, and we have plenty of amazing staff members to help this transition easy on the whole family! Remember that less is more when trying to introduce and new living space and open it up to have a larger feel. Also, furniture can also be used for accessible balance when moving through the rooms, so make sure to keep walkways clear. There is no need to spend money on new furniture. Recreate the ambiance of your loved ones’ previous home with the furniture and important, versatile items they already own that fit well in the new home. Our facility welcomes a comfortable, new living space to ensure a smooth transition.