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The aging parent – is assisted residential living the right choice?

Many of us have spent a lifetime thinking that when our parents become elderly, we will step in and care for them. This is great thinking and many times works out great. But, in today’s modern world, it sometimes turns out to be less practical than we had imagined. How do you know if assisted living is the right choice?

With today’s economy, the truth is that many of us still find ourselves working at an age where we expected to be available to help our parents. Many of us may live many miles or even across country from our parents. How to you make these realities meld with your dream of providing a safe, inviting and comfortable environment for your parents in their golden years?

If a parent has become unable to attend to their own needs, then it becomes obvious that accommodations need to be made. But what about the individual who is still feeling independent but could use a hand with the day to day necessities? Things like preparations of meals, getting medications right, and trips to the doctor or hairdresser may have become too much to handle and may feel overwhelming to an older person. Perhaps an older parent is becoming isolated and alone in their home. When a mate is deceased mate and social circles become diminished, some older folks find themselves spending too much time alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were in an environment where there was company, activities, and support?

At Texas Assisted Residential Retirement, we provide private apartments that are furnished with a resident’s own belongings. We also provide meals, activities, and support with medications and needs like trips to the doctors or the hairdresser. Your elderly parent can live in a pleasant, home-like environment with friendly faces and the support they need.

Located in smaller towns across south Texas, including Lockhart, Gonzalez, Beeville, Kerrville, and Uvalde, our assisted living residences offers many the peace of mind and comfort that they had been missing while living on their own.  Do your research and think over the options. Talk it over with your parent. If an assisted living residence seems like it might be the right choice for them, give us a call! We would love to visit with you, learn more about your parent’s current situation, and show you around our residences.