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Helping your loved one make the transition to TXARR in Lockhart

Deciding for one of your aging parents to make the transition from living alone to becoming part of an assisted living program is a big step. The percentage of adults (age 65+) living alone in the US has increased steadily over the past few decades. If you are looking for a great assisted living option in Lockhart, Texas, we can help ensure you make a great decision for your loved one. Some factors and signs to consider when discussing options for assisted living are: what is their current living situation and are they happy? Can your loved one be held accountable for their financial and health choices and independently follow through with a plan that is best for them? Are they still driving? At Assisted Residential Retirement of Texas in Lockhart, we can ensure that all of those vital needs are met. Social interaction and relationships are key at our facility as well. Even if your situation is a little different, and your loved one is no longer capable of group settings or social relationships, we have an amazing support system in place for those needs as well. Everyone’s needs are different, and our facility and program makes all residents and their individual needs of utmost importance. Whether you are thinking about having a talk with your family about placement options, or already at a certain stage in the process, our facility in Lockhart, Texas is a comforting option to research and highly consider. As human beings, genuine happiness is in the comfort of knowing our loved ones are comfortable and happy as well.