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Our TXARR Christmass at Lockhart Assisted Living Homes

If you work in an assisted living community, or visit someone who lives in one, you might be thinking about making frequent visits during the holidays. Residents typically love visitors and special activities during the holidays, whether it’s young visitors from preschools in the area or volunteer groups with churches who may do things such as go caroling down the halls. There are many resources out there these days with craft and activity ideas, so why not take one to the assisted living community that you frequent and make a fun time out of it? Something that doesn’t require much fuss and that is fun to make should be your goal for making someone’s day special. One great idea is a holiday bow wreath. It only requires 3 materials: a foam wreath form, ribbon and adhesive gift bows in Christmas colors. Simply loop a long strip of ribbon through the inside of the wreath and tie a bow at the end to be able to hang the wreath. Then, take the adhesive bows and stick them all on the wreath form until your wreath is colorful and full of holiday sparkle and bows! Residents can give them away as gifts, or even hang them on their own doors of their rooms. This will surely brighten someone’s day. If you are in Texas and not feeling the Christmas spirit because of the hot, ever changing weather, there are many more Christmas and holiday activities to make it feel more ‘Christmas-y’…so schedule a visit to see your loved ones today, or make plans to volunteer this holiday season – it will warm your heart!