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Making exercise a priority for your aging loved one!

As you think about the best ways to care for your aging parent or loved one, one of the things you can do that will provide the most benefit in all areas of life is encouraging the habit of exercise and be supportive of physical activity. Being active can help your aging loved one in so many ways, from building strong, social relationships to improving memory and even preventing depression. At TXARR in Lockhart, Texas, physical activity is greatly supported for anyone who is able and willing. For many seniors, exercise is and can be a social event! A water aerobics class can give an opportunity to connect with other seniors, and a walking group presents the chance to catch up on exercise and community happenings. All of these opportunities definitely provide accountability and support for your loved one to stay motivated and active. Another great benefit of exercise is its ability to affect mood and frame of mind. Exercising releases mood-boosting endorphins, which can help lessen feelings of depression. Staying active can help redirect their negative thoughts and provide a great deal of support. Keeping the body strong is one of the most important tasks (and sometimes difficult) for an older adult, and exercise is the best way to improve both strength and mobility. Being immobile and sitting around can most of the time cause a senior to suffer from atrophied muscles, difficulty breathing and walking, poor balance and other common physical problems. A short walk around the facility or their home can make a difference. Physical activity has been directly linked to slowing the process of mental decline. When you are physically active, all parts of your body receive more blood flow, most importantly the brain! By encouraging the senior in your life to stay active, you are actually bettering their mental health. There are so many great reasons to make exercising part of your life as an aging senior!