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Stay safe in the heat this summer!

What can we do to protect our loved ones during the heat of the summer? Some of us have pets we need to keep indoors or provide cooler shelter and fluids for. Others have children that shouldn’t be overexposed to heat without occasional shade and plenty of fluids. What if our loved  ones are being cared for in a retirement facility and we can’t spend every day with them? We still care about their well being and know that they are being taken care of by the special people that work with them daily. TXARR in Lockhart, Texas understands the importance of protecting loved ones from the heat and ensuring safety for everyone. Plenty of fluids being readily available is of utmost importance. Activities being tailored to indoor and shaded areas are common during the hotter months, and hats for those who do wish to be out more than others. It is important for everyone to pay attention to their body signals and tune in to what they need if they are becoming overexposed. Most of us may prefer the cooler indoor activities such as board games, crafting, watching movies and playing cards. Being outdoors for short periods of time for brief walks, gardening or simply sitting out on the patio are all ways to enjoy the season without overdoing it. It is still a nice season to enjoy when we take the proper precautions and prepare for hot weather ahead of time!