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Stay busy in assisted living with great activity ideas!

Having planned activities at an assisted living facility are very important. In Lockhart, Texas, there is always plenty to do amongst our residents. Especially since the weather is nicer out during these months before the heat of the summer, it is easier to plan and accommodate more residents with fun things to do! Some indoor activities for those warmer days, or residents who prefer to stay indoors, include board games, crafts and knitting. Board games are fun for a small group, and knitting or crafts are actually fun with a partner as well! If there are any residents who prefer to do activities alone, they can always reach out to family and send cute crafts or postcards. Taking some time each day or every few days to call a loved one or FaceTime is a wonderful way to occupy your time and stay up to date on the lives of dear friends, family, and loved ones. For those with a creative streak, painting or drawing can be a pleasant way to spend time. They may even find it enjoyable to take a local art class to further enhance their artistic skills. TXARR in Lockhart, Texas is committed to providing bright, fun-filled days to residents and finding ways to stay busy and as active as can be allowed for well being and positive attitudes throughout the facility.